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A guide to the characters in The Hobbit

There are so many characters in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy that we’ve prepared a guide so you can keep them straight: Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) The titular character of The Hobbit trilogy, Bilbo is a hobbit hired by Thorin and Company to be their burglar for the dwarves’ quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain, […]

There are so many characters in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy that we’ve prepared a guide so you can keep them straight:

Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman)
The titular character of The Hobbit trilogy, Bilbo is a hobbit hired by Thorin and Company to be their burglar for the dwarves’ quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain, also known as Erebor. He is also a bearer of the One Ring and the first to voluntarily give it up.

Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen)
Gandalf is one of five wizards sent to Middle-Earth and is said to be the wisest of them all. Striving to protect Middle-Earth from evil, he introduces Bilbo to the dwarves and accompanies them on their journey.

Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage)
The leader of The Company of Dwarves, Thorin is also their King. He is determined to re-conquer Erebor and steal their treasure back from the dragon Smaug. He carries a metal battle-axe and is seen wielding a short sword called “Deathless” during the first part of An Unexpected Journey.

Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch)
Smaug is the main antagonist of The Hobbit trilogy and one of the last great dragons of Middle-Earth. He overtook Erebor and guards the dwarves’ treasure.

Necromancer (Benedict Cumberbatch)
Also known as Sauron, the main antagonist in The Lord of The Rings, Necromancer is a magician who works and summons the dead, casting an evil shadow in the Mirkwood forest. Necromancer’s presence forces Gandalf to leave Bilbo, Thorin and Company in their journey through Mirkwood.

Legolas (Orlando Bloom)
Son of the elven King Thranduil and a master bowman, Legolas is the elf Prince of the Woodland Realm, where he meets Bilbo and the dwarves journeying through his land.

Gollum (Andy Serkis)
Originally known as Smeagol, Gollum is a hobbit who was corrupted by the One Ring and pursues the ring after it is taken by Bilbo Baggins.

Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly)
Tauriel, the strong and kind-hearted elf warrior, is a Woodland elf who teams up with Legolas to defeat the orcs. Tauriel was created solely for the movies – she does not appear in the books.

Bard the Bowman (Luke Evans)
Bard is a skilled archer and the heir to Girion, who was the last King of Dale, a city-state of humans that was destroyed by Smaug.

Thranduil (Lee Pace)
Thranduil is the elven King and the ruler of northern realm of Mirkwood, where Bilbo and The Company first encounter the elves.

Galadriel (Cate Blanchett)
A royal elf and one of the most powerful elves left in Middle Earth, Galadriel supports Gandalf in maintaining peace and fighting evil in the lands.

Azog (Manu Bennett)
An orc and arch nemesis of Thorin, Azog seeks revenge on Thorin, to whom he lost his forearm and hand to in battle.

Elrond (Hugo Weaving)
Elrond is the half-human Lord of Rivendell, an Elven outpost in Middle-Earth. He appears when the elves of Rivendell attacked the Warg-riders who were chasing Thorin and The Company.

Beorn (Mikael Persbrandt)
Beorn is a shape-shifter, or “skin-changer,” who can also transform into the appearance of a great, black bear. He guides Bilbo and the dwarves on how to cross Mirkwood on their journey to Erebor.

Saruman the White (Sir Christopher Lee)
Saruman was the first of the five wizards to arrive in Middle-Earth and is the eldest of the order. He is acknowledged as the chief of the five.

The Company of Dwarves

Balin (Ken Stott)
The eldest of The Company of Dwarves, Balin wields a bronze sword with a cross-shaped tip and is one of Thorin’s most trusted advisors. Gentle and wise, Balin is the elder brother of Dwalin.

Dwalin (Graham McTavish)
A fierce warrior, Dwalin bluntly speaks his mind and does not easily trust anyone who is not a dwarf, being particularly suspicious of elves. He is the tallest of The Company and has unfaltering devotion to Thorin’s leadership. Dwalin is Balin’s younger brother.

Bifur (William Kircher)
Bifur’s most striking quality is the rusting remains of an Orc axe fixed in his forehead. This causes him to only communicate with grumbles and hand gestures. Bifur is the cousin of Bofur and Bombur. Unlike the other dwarves, who have relations to royalty, Bifur is descended from simple miners and smithies.

Bofur (James Nesbitt)
With a love for music and singing, Bofur played the flute in Bilbo’s home in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Bofur often speaks without thinking, but will always try to help those in need. He is brothers with Bombur and his cousin is Bifur.

Bombur (Stephen Hunter)
Characterized by his immense size, Bombur is brother to Bofur, cousin to Bifur and the chief cook for The Company. Despite his huge size and appetite, Bombur is still a great fighter and wields a pitchfork.

Fili (Dean O’Gorman)
Along with his younger brother Kili, Fili is born into the royal line and is Thorin’s nephew. He and Kili are two of the youngest in The Company and have never seen the city of Erebor. Although young, Fili and Kili are among the most adept at fighting in The Company.

Kili (Aiden Turner)
Fili’s younger brother and Thorin’s nephew, Kili is carefree and can be reckless because of his youth. He is said to be quite handsome, a skilled fighter and en expert archer as he was trained with weapons from an early age.

Oin (John Callen)
A brave dwarf from the north, Oin is a distant cousin of Thorin and acts as the healer for The Company. He invents and applies an herbal mixture to treat wounds which became known as “ointment,” after his own name.  Oin is also the uncle of Gimli, a main character in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Gloin (Peter Hambleton)
Gloin is the most outspoken and unafraid to question authority. He is also one of the few in The Company to be married, as there is a shortage of female dwarves, and he is the father of Gimli, who grew up to become a part of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Nori (Jed Brophy)
Nori is the only member of The Company to notice Bilbo escaping in Goblin-town in An Unexpected Journey.  A trickster and often getting in trouble with authorities, Nori frequently argues with his brothers, Dori and Ori.

Dori (Mark Hadlow)
Dori is the strongest among the dwarves and looks out especially for his brother Ori. He has a tendency to be pessimistic, but is always prepared to risk his life for The Company, wielding a sword and a flail.

Ori (Adam Brown)

Unlike the other dwarves, Ori’s prime role is a scribe rather than a warrior, often drawing and writing in his journal. Youngest of The Company, Ori is equipped with only a slingshot and a knife.